• Are you looking for a Personal Trainer, Zumba, Yoga, Pilates or Tai Chi instructor?

    Save time and let Santé Active help you finding a personal trainer, a Zumba, Yoga, Pilates or Tai Chi instructor in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal or Calgary!  We offer an innovative and unique experience for your fitness needs with our team of professionals passionate about their profession. Contact us for quality service in the comfort of your home, at your workplace, or the location of your choice.

    Are you looking for a Corporate Wellness Program?

    Save time and let us organize your workplace wellness program in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal or Calgary!  We are the company best positioned to help maintain or improve your employees’ and executives’ health. With our multidisciplinary team of professionals in fitness, stress management, nutrition, and health, we are able to offer a full range of activities to your organization that will benefit your employees’ health and wellness.



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Home yoga in Toronto Ottawa Calgary and Montreal

Home yoga in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary and Montreal

Save time and let us organize your yoga classes at home in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, and Montreal!  For your yoga classes at home or for yoga at your company contact us and we will find you the yoga teacher you need.

Optimize your life! Use our services for yoga at home or yoga at your workplace.

We also offer private home yoga for seniors, youth, and people with health problems. . Read more

Personal Trainers

Save Time

Let us help you find your personal trainer in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary or Montreal

Our personal trainers can travel to your home or to your workplace for your employees.

Santé Active will send the fitness coach that suits your needs best to help you achieve your fitness goals and optimise your life.

You can use our . Read more

Zumba for Seniors Toronto Montreal Ottawa

We offer Zumba to Retirements Residences in Toronto, Ottawa Montreal, and Calgary

Our Zumba classes for seniors are offered to retirement residences in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Calgary. If you would like to have Zumba classes for seniors, Older Adults Zumba Fitness Class (Zumba Gold): We offer Zumba Gold which is perfect for active older adults who love to dance and feel more comfortable in a modified Zumba class that still has all the fun music and moves but just at a lower intensity.

We use easy to . Read more

ZumbaToronto Montreal Ottawa Calgary

If you are looking for a Zumba Instructor in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary or Montreal

To meet the growing demand, we now offer Private Zumba Classes in Montreal, Laval, South Shore and Gatineau

More and more people organize their own Zumba group. With Santé Active it is very easy you will see.

  • Contact your friends and invite them to join you for Private Zumba Private Lessons.
  • Find a room large enough to accommodate your group. We suggest a location near your home.
  • Contact
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